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  • Curved Fabric Popup Displays

    Curved Fabric Popup Displays

    The curved fabric popup stand is a kind of innovative display tool that can deliver your message in a stylish way. Ideal for use at trade shows, exhibitions or retail backdrops, the fabric popup stand is simple to assemble with a custom printed fabric graphic.

  • Straight Tension Fabric Display

    Straight Tension Fabric Display

    Prominent printing space allows you to enjoy the largest brand exposure. The tension fabric tube display with the unique graphic is definitely noticeable among the crowd.

  • Curved Tension Fabric Display

    Curved Tension Fabric Display

    Tailed with grand size and unique shape, the curved tension fabric display can always present you an eye-popping and breath-taking image, which can be immediately become the focus in the crowd.

  • Step and Repeat Backdrop

    Step and Repeat Backdrop

    The step and repeat backdrop helps you create a perfect photo backdrop. With this, you can promote your brand and business to the next level. Our step and repeat backdrop banners are ideal for movie premieres, new product launch events, birthday parties or anywhere you want your logo front and center.

  • Table Top Banners

    Table Top Banners

    The Table Top Banner is available in 6’ and 8’ options with custom printed overt-the-table banner display. Your logo and graphics are printed on a stretch fabric banner that printed your graphics in vibrant color and grab people’s attention. 

  • Roll Up

    Roll Up

    Rollup is one of the most convenient way and most commonly used display tools among all the promotional products. It is excellent for communicating messages or marketing brands. CFM provides two types of rollups for your option, the standard type and the premium one. The graphics is single layer.

  • Popup Booth

    Popup Booth

    If you want to find some items that can not only well display your company or products, but also be practical and functional, popup booth must be a great choice. With a flat top, the popup booth can be served as a product display shelf and also can be used as a rostrum. On the surface, you can print the images, slogans and brands as you like.

  • Straight Fabric Popup Displays

    Straight Fabric Popup Displays

    Featuring outstanding print size and novel design, fabric popup stand is often used as a display wall or background wall. No matter where you set up a fabric popup stand, inside a shopping mall, in front of your shop, or at a display trade show, you will attract instant attention from the passersby.

  • Fabric Banner Stand- Standard

    Fabric Banner Stand- Standard

    The Straight Fabric Banner Stand with heavy-duty base allows you to enjoy a steady display. Easy to set up and convenient to change graphics.

  • Fabric Banner Stand- Premium

    Fabric Banner Stand- Premium

    The Straight Fabric Banner Stand is improved from the traditional straight displays. Better display effects and more choices.

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