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Curved Tension Fabric Display


Tailed with grand size and unique shape, the curved tension fabric display can always present you an eye-popping and breath-taking image, which can be immediately become the focus in the crowd.





Make the Customer Resonate with Promotional Display


Tension fabric display is a new exhibition equipment that is environmentally friendly and scent-free, what makes it stand out is that our pictures on the screen are riotously colorful, because high quality ink is employed in printing. The frames are made of aluminum, which makes fabric stand feature lightweight, expand with ease and be set up within minutes.

High Quality Fabric Enables a Long-lasting Use

240g tension fabric or 280g blockout fabric are two types of fabrics for your options. The fabric graphics are also washable and lasting for future use. The event fabric display features various designs and fashion outlook with great individuality; we have a wide range of types for you to choose to match your brand aesthetic.

240g Tension Fabric
280g Blockout Fabric

Curved Tension Fabric Backdrop for A Convenient Display

As it is unique-shaped and good-tailored, the custom printed fabric display is very eye-catching at the trade show. With your logos and slogans printed on it, fabric stand can create a good promoting effect which makes your customer resonate with your advertising in seconds.
As tension fabric trade show display allows more graphical freedom, our designers can create a variety of imagery effects. And the dimensional element almost can be placed at any places of the trade show, in the middle, left or right.


Eye-catching Sizes Ensure You to Get Noticed

Featuring in large printing area, this fabric backdrop display can always make your info fully exposed. 8ft, 10ft and 20ft tension fabric displays are for regular use, however, if you already have your own hardware and need a matching graphic, we can also customize it for you.
Display Size




Custom Sizes Available


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