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  • Round Fitted Table Covers

    Round Fitted Table Covers

    Compared with the standard custom table covers, the round fitted table cover looks much neater. More importantly, the round table cover fits very well the size of your table. Perfect for different occasions, no matter it is a trade show, a party or a business campaign, the tables with exquisitely tailored round table covers can definitely impress you.

  • Fitted Logo Table Covers

    Fitted Logo Table Covers

    The classic fitted table cover is one of the most commonly used promotional tools at trade shows, displays or exhibitions. Get noticed with custom fitted table covers! You can coordinate your display with a printed table cover for a strong visual effect that will hook potential clients and excite them.

  • Fitted Table Covers with Open Back

    Fitted Table Covers with Open Back

    This kind of fitted table covers is sewn down the corners to match the shape of the table and offer a clean, sleek presentation. If you are preparing for an exhibition, it is suggested that you choose our fitted table covers with an open back which could provide storage for your small objects, make your table platform clean.

  • Fitted Table Covers Back with Zipper

    Fitted Table Covers Back with Zipper

    With strong practicability and attractive look, the fitted table cover with zipper at back definitely is a must-have for trade shows and presentations! Compared with table throws, the fitted one has a higher requirement for table size measurement and cover the table with fewer fabrics. In addition, the fitted table cover back with zipper is easy to access and convenient to store.

  • Fitted Table Covers Back with Slit

    Fitted Table Covers Back with Slit

    A fitted table covers back with slit makes it easy access to items stored under the table. It is a great alternative for events and trade shows when accessing products, materials, or items underneath the table. Additionally, the slit at back allows you to comfortably sit behind the table without the tablecloth getting in the way.

  • Fitted Table Covers Back with Slits

    Fitted Table Covers Back with Slits

    Customized fitted table covers back with slits is an amazingly easy and affordable way to bring a professional presence to trade shows, expos, festivals, job fairs, and conventions.

    Promotional table covers with slits at back not only look great but also provide easy access to items under the table. This means that you can store your event stuff or personal belongings out of sight, reducing visual clutter while retaining the ability to grab more attention.

  • Custom Pleated Table Covers

    Custom Pleated Table Covers

    As a great balance between formal and casual styles, pleated table cover is widely used by hotels, resorts, convention centers, and suitable for various environments no matter it’s a professional business exhibition or a personal celebrating gathering. Decorated with the pleated cloth, your table will look upscale right away.

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