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Custom Printed Arm Sleeve


Trying to catch attention on the field? Want to promote a brand and name for yourself? Upload your favorite images or logo and tell us your design ideas now, we will customize the arm sleeve exactly the way you want it! Full-color printed with soft elastic polyester, our arm sleeves are perfect for sports events, employee gifts, and so on.


Our custom printed arm sleeves are perfect for your football, baseball or basketball sporting events. Wearing a custom printed sleeve on your arm can not only protect your arm, but also allow you to print a unique sign of your team or league or even yourself.

There are two sizes of arm sleeves, and the small one with a size of 18.80cm x 27.94cm is mainly for children while the large one with a size of 21.84cm x 39.37cm is usually for adults. Made of elastic polyester, these sleeves can always snugly fit your arm. Besides the regular 180g elastic polyester for option, we also offer you a different fabric called silk spandex polyester which is more skin-comfortable in hot days.

Compared with traditional arm sleeves, the custom printed arm sleeve is more light-weight and skin-friendly, which can enable you weave your arm more freely with less resistance. In addition, the sleeves can be fully custom printed and there is almost no limitation for the design, so it can be a company logo, a team’s slogan, a tattoo image or one of your favorite picture.

An arm sleeve with custom printed image can not only be used in some sporting events, but also be used as a special gift to your kids or friends who love sports. Also, a sleeve printed with your company logo will help you increase the brand exposure.


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