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How Do You Know the Display Products You Buy are Eco-friendly?

As everyone knows, PVC will cause a persistent damaging to the environment, and vinyl banners are printed with inks containing very strong solvents that contribute damaging VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) to the air.

So nowadays, because of its feature of recycling and easy to fold, carry, install and wash, textile for advertising and message delivery has become more and more popular in industrial printing.


Then how do you know the textile products you buy are eco-friendly? Do you know what standards have to meet to accord with the industry norms for environmental protection?


Firstly, we need to know textile products are using non-PVC substrates polyester fabric and printed with water-based dyes. All printing inks need to be eco-friendly, such as be free of AZO, Formaldehyde, Plumbum, Cadmium, and Phthalates.


Then, we need to know how to read the Test Reports. For instance, the AZO compounds content MDL(method detection limit) is 30mg/kg, the Formaldehyde content MDL is 5mg/kg, the Plumbum content MDL is 200mg/kg, the Cadmium content MDL is 2mg/kg, the result needs to be N.D. or less than this number.


The environmental printing inks also have the features of UV protection, colorfastness to light, and colorfastness to washing.

For instance Color Fastness to Light, Test Method: ISO 105 B02:2014, Xeon-arc lamp, at standard 6, the result should meet standard 6.

Color Fastness to Washing, Test Method: ISO 105-C10:2006, Wash at 40℃, wash time 30 minutes, with 0.5% soap solution, 10 steel balls, the result should meet standard 4-5.

Ultraviolet protection properties for fabric, Test Method: BS EN 13758-1:2001, the result should meet 50+.


Lastly, sometimes we will meet some customers, although we have provided all the required test reports, they are still worried about the environmental issues, so what to do? We can help to do another new test in the customer’s company name, of course, we can also provide free samples for the customer to do the test on their own. Additional testing will create some costs, the specific cost will vary depending on the test project being done.


As a corporate with social responsibility, CFM pays high attention to environmental protection and product safety. From raw materials to finished products, we ensure every process is conducted in compliance with environment-friendly rules. Our products are eco-friendly, we have test reports for all fabrics & printing inks & grommet, welcome to have some check.

Post time: Nov-06-2020

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