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Do you want to know some of the latest information about Air India? Do you want to know about Thailand’s tourism industry?Kind check CFM’s news today .

1. The US Treasury announced that it requires encrypted digital currency transactions of more than US$10, 000 to be reported to the IRS (IRS). In a report on tax enforcement recommendations, the Treasury said that as cash transfers, companies that accept encrypted assets as a method of payment should also report to the IRS if the fair market value of encrypted assets exceeds US$10, 000.

2.Seven members of the medical team of the late Argentine star Maradona are facing an investigation into the crime of negligence, the Argentine judiciary has revealed. These include private doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists in Maradona, as well as four nurses. According to the latest news, the seven people under investigation have been restricted from leaving the country and will face trial from the end of this month. If convicted, they will be sentenced to 8 to 25 years in prison. The indictment points out that the medical team ignored signs of life danger in Maradona and that his pre-death care was flawed and irregular.

3. US: in May, Markit manufacturing PMI initial value is 61.5, forecast is 60.1, previous value is 60.5; Markit service PMI initial value is 70.1, forecast is 64.4, previous value is 64.7.

4.Recently, Indonesian ride-hailing company Go-Jek and the largest local e-commerce company Tokopedia announced a merger to form a new company, GoTo Group, and plans to go public soon. The merger is by far the largest merger in Indonesia. The market capitalization of Go-Jek and Tokopedia reached US $10.5 billion and US $7.5 billion respectively. Public opinion analysis said that this move may greatly change the market ecology of Southeast Asia and intensify market competition.

5.According to the statistical analysis of the “Gun violence Archives”, 2020 is the first time that more than 40,000 people have been killed in all kinds of shootings in the United States for the first time since the United States had complete records. Among them, a total of 611 mass shootings occurred in 2020, resulting in four or more casualties, an increase of 47 percent over 2019 and an all-time high. Less than halfway through 2021, more than 16000 people were killed by gun violence, an average of more than 130 a day, and five Americans were killed by guns for every turn of the minute hand.

6.Air India: the data of about 4.5 million passengers, including names, credit card numbers and passport information, were stolen by hackers over a period from August 2011 to February 2021. In a statement, Air India apologized to users for the inconvenience caused by the incident and said it had hired data security experts to help protect the affected servers.

7.India and Russia plan to produce “satellite V” COVID-19 vaccine in India from August, with a monthly output of 30 million to 40 million doses. Under the planned agreement, Russia plans to produce 850 million doses of satellite V vaccine in India. In the future, 65% to 70% of the global “satellite V” COVID-19 vaccine will come from India.

8.Singapore Lianhe Zaobao: Thailand’s tourism industry is not expected to fully recover until 2026. Tourism accounts for about 1/5 of Thailand’s GDP, and as many as 7 million jobs will be affected as the recovery is slower than expected.

9.Chile’s national copper company, the world’s largest copper producer, sent a letter to members of Congress saying that nearly 40% of its copper production would be at risk if Congress passed the glacier protection bill. Its three main mines, Andina, El Teniente and Salvador, are all subject to the Glacier Protection Act.



Post time: May-25-2021

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