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Do you want to know about classical swine fever in Japan? Do you want to know the Sino-US joint statement on climate crisis? Do you want to know how badly Britain suffered after Brexit?Kind check the CFM’s news today .

1. Kluge, director of the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO), said in Athens, Greece, on the 16th that cooperation and vaccine are the only way for the world to overcome the COVID-19 epidemic. He called on all countries to expand the scale of vaccination and hoped that people would increase their confidence in vaccination.

2. U.S. president Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yiwei met in Washington on the 16th local time and issued a joint statement after the meeting. The United States and Japan will jointly promote the so-called “secure and open 5G network,” with a total commitment of US$4.5 billion to enhance competitiveness in the digital sector, according to a briefing released on the White House website.

3. With the massive transfer of City assets to the European Union, Britain has been hit hard by Brexit, but the access agreement has taken a snappy step. More than 440 banking and financial companies are said to be transferring all or at least part of their operations, personnel, assets or legal entities from the UK to EU countries.

4.The outbreak of classical swine fever was reported in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan on the evening of the 17th, and a total of about 37000 pigs will be culled. This is the largest number of pigs killed in Japan since the outbreak of classical swine fever in 2018.

5.Russian Deputy Prime Minister: in view of the serious aging of the (ISS) of the International Space Station and the contract for the operation of the space station will expire in 2024, Russia plans to withdraw from the project from 2025 and start building its own space station. 

6.According to the joint statement on climate crisis between China and the United States, China and the United States are committed to cooperating with each other and working with other countries to solve the climate crisis and respond to it in accordance with its seriousness and urgency. The two countries will take other recent actions to further contribute to solving the climate crisis and expand international investment and financing as far as possible to support the transformation of developing countries from high-carbon fossil energy to green, low-carbon and renewable energy. the two sides will implement the measures to gradually reduce the production and consumption of HFC as reflected in the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

7.Boglov, chief economist of the AIIB: the AIIB has promised that half of its investment will be in the green sector by 2025. As an international institution, we are committed to better promoting the implementation of the Paris Agreement, and green is an essential area of investment. To integrate green elements into existing infrastructure and improve the efficiency of the use of resources; to look for projects that can invest directly in green technology; not only to integrate green technology and existing investment, but also to look for investment opportunities in wind energy, renewable energy, solar energy and other areas.

 8.On April 19th, NASA announced the success of the first test flight of a human helicopter on Mars and released a video of the test flight. The small helicopter, called dexterity, had previously arrived on Mars with the NASA perseverance rover. The helicopter weighs only 1.8 kilograms and is 0.5 meters high and is powered by two counter-rotating rotors. The main purpose of this test flight is to conduct technical verification.

9.The EU has designated 30 “key industrial raw materials” in areas such as defence, renewable energy, robots, drones and batteries to manage supply chain risks, Deutsche Welle reported. Unlike raw materials such as steel, cement and oil, there are currently no alternatives. The annual global production of many key raw materials is only a few thousand tons and is controlled by only a few countries.

10.Bank of England: announced the creation of a central bank digital money working group with the Treasury. The government and the Bank of England have not yet decided whether to introduce central bank digital currency in the UK and will engage with stakeholders on its benefits, risks and feasibility. Central bank digital money will coexist with cash and bank deposits, not replace them.




Post time: Apr-20-2021

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