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Do you know there are more than 3, 000 mutated strains in India. More news, Kind check the CFM’s news today.

1. On May 17th, the President of Mexico apologized for the Toreon tragedy 110 years ago. The Toreon tragedy took place during the Mexican Revolution, when 303 Chinese were killed and Chinese shops and vegetable stalls were damaged. At that time, the Qing government demanded compensation and apology from Mexico, but it came to nothing. Since the outbreak, China has provided vaccines to Mexico many times. At the apology ceremony, Lopez specifically expressed his gratitude for the matter.

2. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is considering extending the current closing time at 15: 00:00 Tokyo time. The move is aimed at attracting more foreign investors in other time zones and making it easier for retail investors to trade after work. The market management committee of the Tokyo Stock Exchange will meet as soon as possible this week.

3. On May 16th, Palestine and Israel exchanged fiercely at the UN Security Council. Palestine implied that the United States supported “Israel’s right to self-defense”, criticized Israel for committing “war crimes and crimes against humanity”, saying that “Palestinian freedom is the only way to peace.” It is the legal and moral obligation of the Security Council to help achieve the freedom of the Palestinians. The representative of Israel accused Hamas of using Palestinian civilians as human shields and “fired lethal missiles at Israeli civilians indiscriminately” and demanded that Palestine explicitly condemn Hamas, otherwise it would “promote the cycle of violence and undermine the possibility of reaching peace”. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who presided over the meeting, said that China strongly condemns acts of violence against civilians and once again urges both sides of the conflict to immediately cease military and hostile actions.

4. ECB: Bitcoin prices have soared more than previous financial bubbles, such as the “tulip mania” and the “South China Sea bubble” of the 17th and 18th centuries. However, because these assets are not widely used for payments and banks’ exposure is limited, the financial stability risk of cryptocurrency assets currently appears to be limited. 

5. [global Times] the White House recently released the personal tax returns of US President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris for 2020, marking the resumption of the tradition of disclosing US presidential tax returns that was interrupted in the Trump icon era. According to the tax returns filed by the Biden couple, they earned $607336 last year and paid $157414 in federal income tax. On the same day, Vice President Harris and his wife also disclosed last year’s tax situation. Both families rank in the top 1% of household income in the United States.

6. According to World Health Organization (WHO) ‘s website, which monitors the variation of virus strains, there are more than 3, 000 mutated strains in India, but only some of them have been reported. At present, the variant strains are divided into three categories: one is particularly vigilant, including British, South African and Brazilian variants; the second is noteworthy, including Indian variants; and the third is other mutations that do not need to be paid attention to. 

7. On May 19, local time, despite strong opposition from Republicans, the US House of Representatives approved a bipartisan plan to set up an independent committee similar to 9 / 11 to investigate the riots in the US Congress on January 6. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the purpose of the committee is extreme and unfair. He believes that the federal government has conducted an investigation into the congressional uprising and has been conducting an investigation, and it is not clear what new information will be drawn from another investigation. 

8. [global Market News] Argentina’s Ministry of production and Development issued a statement saying that due to the continuous rise in beef prices in the domestic market in recent months, President Alberto Fernandez (Alberto Fernandez) will impose a series of restrictions, while Argentina will suspend beef exports for 30 days to calm meat prices. Fernandez said on a radio program that “international demand for beef” has led to a rise in domestic meat prices, especially “purchasing pressure” from China.

Post time: May-21-2021

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