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Do you know Portugal passed an amendment to the labor law on “working from home”. Want to know more news in the world. Kind check CFM’s news today.

1. Tesla: according to the US official website, the price of Model Y has increased by 1000 US dollars again. The Model Y long-range version currently sells for $58990, while the high-performance version costs $63990.

2. World Gold Council: after five consecutive months of net inflows, China’s total gold ETF holdings totaled 74 tons ($4 billion, 27 billion yuan) by the end of October, with assets under management at an all-time high by tonnage. Since the beginning of the year, China’s gold ETF inflows have reached 12 tons.

3. Recently, Portugal passed an amendment to the labor law on “working from home”: the new rules require employers not to contact employees after work, whether by texting, making phone calls, etc., and violators will be fined. But the council said the company would be allowed to contact employees in the event of an emergency. The amendment applies only to companies with more than 10 employees.

4. The Panamanian government has announced that the Chinese Lunar New year will be a national holiday in Panama from 2022 and will integrate Spring Festival celebrations into Panama’s international tourism promotion plan.

5. On the 13th local time, the 26th Conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change held in Glasgow, UK, reached an agreement on how to deal with the future climate crisis after 15 days of negotiations.

6. Twenty-four American chambers of commerce and industry associations jointly sent a letter to senior US government trade officials on the 12th, urging the White House to reduce tariffs on Chinese goods and expand the scope of import tariff exemption in order to restore the competitiveness of US companies. U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen says the United States is willing to review and consider reducing tariffs previously imposed by Trump on China. ”as US Trade Representative Dai Qi said, we have studied the first phase of the trade agreement with China again and will indeed consider reducing tariffs,” Yellen said in an interview with CBS. “

7. WTO: the growth rate of global trade in goods slows. On the 15th, local time, the WTO released the latest barometer of trade in goods, with a reading of 99.5, close to the benchmark value of 100. Compared with the barometer of trade in goods in the previous period, the reading decreased significantly, indicating that global trade in goods began to slow after a strong rebound. The main reason is that production and supply disruptions in key sectors have curbed trade growth, and import demand has also begun to weaken.

8. U.S. president Joe Biden officially signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill on November 15 local time, putting forward six priorities for rebuilding U.S. infrastructure, strengthening manufacturing, creating high-paying jobs, developing the economy, and solving the climate change crisis, to provide preliminary guidelines. Biden also made a public speech at the White House on the same day, stressing the importance of bipartisan infrastructure bills for American workers, families and homegrown construction.

Post time: Nov-16-2021

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