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Do you know more than 3.03 million children in the United States had been infected with novel coronavirus. Kind check CFM’s news today .

1. [bank of America] February fund manager survey showed that the allocation of stocks and commodities reached the highest level since February 2011. Fund managers’ cash holdings fell to 3.8 per cent, the lowest level since before the “tapering panic” broke out in March 2013. 

2. Congressional Budget Office: in 30 years’ time, the debt burden of the United States will be twice its annual economic output. By 2051, America’s public debt will be 202% of GDP, almost double its current level. For the first time since World War II, the debt level of the United States exceeded 100% of GDP last year, and the future debt level of the United States is expected to break its historical record. 

3. World Health Organization: the 12th and 13th rounds of Ebola outbreaks occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Genetic sequencing of the local Ebola virus has been carried out to see whether the resurgence is due to potential cases or new animal-to-human transmission. Mass vaccination depends on governments and vaccine availability. Warnings have been issued to six surrounding countries such as Sierra Leone and Liberia to detect potential cases. 

4. American media: according to survey data released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, as of February 11, more than 3.03 million children in the United States had been infected with novel coronavirus, accounting for about 13% of the total number of cases confirmed by COVID-19 in the United States. Last week alone, the number of children infected with novel coronavirus was about 90, 000.

5. Institute of International Finance: in 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic increased global debt by US$24 trillion to a record US$281 trillion, with a global debt-to-GDP ratio of more than 355%. Government-supported programs accounted for half of the increase, with global corporate, bank and household debt rising by US$5.4 trillion, US$3.9 trillion and US$2.6 trillion, respectively.

6. US Secretary of State Lincoln told the UN Security Council that the United States will pay more than 200 million US dollars in membership dues to the World Health Organization by the end of this month. “this reflects our latest commitment to World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that WHO gets the support it deserves in leading the global response to the COVID-19 epidemic, and we are also working to reform World Health Organization (WHO) for the future,” Blinken said. “

7. Brazil: China’s Sinopec COVID-19 vaccine has been tested to be effective against mutant novel coronavirus from the United Kingdom and South Africa. On 17 February, the Butantan Institute began a large-scale vaccination campaign targeting the entire adult population and testing whether it reduced the infection rate. Due to the use of inactivated technology, the vaccine developed by China Science and Technology is expected to have an advantage over other vaccines.

Post time: Feb-19-2021

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