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Do you know marches and rallies with the theme of “stop hating Asians” broke out in many parts of the United States? Want to know more news in the world?Kind check CFM’s news today .

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK: the DPRK has decided to cut off diplomatic relations with Malaysia because of Malaysia’s recent decision to forcibly extradite a North Korean citizen to the United States.

2. French Ministry of Public Health: France has a total of more than 4.18 million confirmed cases by COVID-19, with nearly 35000 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours, with a 23% increase in the number of confirmed cases in one week. The French prime minister says France is experiencing a third wave of outbreaks. Starting from midnight on March 19, a “ban” will be imposed for one month in 16 provinces with a severe epidemic in France. The third wave of the outbreak was caused by the spread of mutated strains found in the UK.

3. The China-US High-level Strategic Dialogue was held in Anchorage, Alaska, on the 18th, local time. In the first round of the dialogue, the opening speech scheduled for 8 minutes lasted about 90 minutes. The Chinese delegation protested against the US request for Chinese journalists to leave the venue at one time. After the meeting, Chinese officials criticized the United States for seriously overrunning its opening remarks, blaming China’s domestic and foreign policies for unreasonable attacks and provoking disputes, which was not a way of treating guests, nor was it in line with diplomatic etiquette, and the Chinese side made a solemn response to this.

4. On March 20, marches and rallies with the theme of “stop hating Asians” broke out in many parts of the United States to protest against the shooting at a massage center in Atlanta and the recent upsurge of hatred against Asians in the United States. 

5. Procon-SP, the consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, decided to fine Apple because there was no charger in the box of the new iPhone. Apple was fined nearly $2 million for violating the Consumer Law. 

6. On March 20, local time, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Company, attended the high-level meeting of China Development Forum via the Internet. Mr Musk said at the meeting that Tesla’s companies in the US or China would not collect sensitive or private data and share it with the US government and ensure that the data of Chinese customers would be fully protected.

7. Korea Broadcasting Corporation: South Korea will implement the “real-name system of digital currency transactions” from March 25. Engaging in the virtual assets industry must make a declaration to the Financial Information Analysis Institute in advance. The original practitioner shall complete the declaration and registration within 6 months after the implementation of the amendment. From next year, overseas exchanges will also be obliged to declare. 

8. Apple CEO Cook: we need to keep innovating, using only recyclable or renewable materials to make products and packaging, while reducing the use of water and achieving zero landfills. Water is one of the most precious resources in the world, and we will continue to do our best to help our suppliers and partners protect water resources and save water. 

9.On March 21, local time, Trump 2020 campaign spokesman Jason Miller said in an interview that Trump may return to social media on his own platform in two to three months’ time, which is expected to attract tens of millions of new users. It also said the platform will “redefine the game.”

Post time: Mar-23-2021

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