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Do you know cancer has become the second leading cause of death in the world. And the number of new cases of cancer is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades. Kind check CFM’s news today .

1. Russia Today (RT) reports that the New Strategic Arms reduction Treaty between Russia and the United States has been officially extended until February 2026.

2.US: in January, ADP employment increased by 174000 and is expected to increase by 50, 000, compared with a decrease of 123000.

3. Bezos will resign as CEO of Amazon and become executive chairman of Amazon’s board in the autumn of 2021. Andy Jassie, chief executive of the company’s AWS, will take over, while Bezos will focus on philanthropy, Blue Origin Space, the Washington Post and other matters of his own passion.

4. The UK’s FTSE 100 fell 0.14% to 6507.82, Germany’s DAX30 rose 0.71% to 13933.63, and France’s CAC40 remained unchanged at 5563.05.

5.The Lancet, a well-known British medical journal, published the results of the “Satellite-V” III clinical trial of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine, which showed that the effectiveness of the satellite-V vaccine against novel coronavirus was 91.6%.

6.The novel coronavirus variety found in the UK has mutated again. After analysis, British scientists found that some of the samples had a mutation called E484K, which had previously been found in variants found in South Africa and Brazil. Experts from the English Public Health Agency said that the presence of such mutations in only some samples of the novel coronavirus variant found in the UK does not mean that the mutations are widespread and that the vaccines currently used should still be effective.

7.Japan camera Imaging Machinery Association: global digital camera shipments will be 8.88 million units in 2020, 42% less than in 2019. SLR cameras fell 47% to 2.37 million, while non-reflex cameras fell 26% to 2.93 million. Global digital camera shipments are expected to reach 9.53 million units in 2021, an increase of 7 per cent over 2020, but still below pre-epidemic levels. As a result of the epidemic, various countries have cancelled rallies and implemented restrictions on going out, resulting in a substantial reduction in demand, and camera companies are making great efforts to develop non-reflective cameras with relatively strong demand.

8.The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee jointly issued the first formal epidemic prevention manual on the 3rd, which made very detailed provisions on epidemic prevention during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but it was precisely because the measures were too detailed that it was very difficult to supervise.

9.A Pentagon spokesman said that Lloyd Austin, the first black defense secretary who recently took over the US Department of Defense, announced at a meeting of leaders of various military services held on the same day that all departments of the army will shut down in the next 60 days to discuss the threat posed by white supremacism and similar extremism.

10.World Health Organization (WHO): by the end of 2020, 19.3 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with cancer and 10 million have died of cancer. Cancer has become the second leading cause of death in the world, and 1/5 of the world’s people will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. The number of new cases of cancer is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades, and by 2040, the number of new cases worldwide will increase by 47% over 2020, with the largest increase in low-and middle-income countries.

11.According to an epidemiological study published in the British Journal of Natural Medicine, novel coronavirus isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa was analyzed for nearly the whole genome, and 16 new varieties of the virus were found. all have mutations that have not been found elsewhere before. This genome monitoring method can also be used on a large scale in Africa to identify new variants of novel coronavirus.

Post time: Feb-05-2021

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