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Cover Your Table With The Most Suitable Stylish Tablecloth

Holding and displaying a bunch of products in the streets where people come and go, have you ever considered finding a better way to make your stand get noticed? A foldable display table with an elegant table cloth covered would be a great choice.


The message you want to deliver is printed enviably on the tablecloth. Enlarged logo and catchy brand slogan make your customers see your brand at first glance, and then arouse interest in further understanding. But for all the tablecloths on the market, how should we choose?


CFM’s tablecloth focuses on three types: throw style, fitted style, and stretch style. Though all of them can increase the elegance of your display table and help you expose your brand, there are similarities and as well as differences among them.



1) All three main tablecloths can match the square table and the round table.

2) The popular size of them is 4ft, 6ft, 8ft.

3) The printing method adopted is dye sublimation printing.

4) All fabrics for these table covers can be washed and ironed at low temperatures (the iron and water temperature must be less than 104 degrees Fahrenheit).




1)About Features

Standard table covers 

As the classical table throw with a one-piece of fabric, a little flow in the four corners of the table, it looks like a stylish drape, and the overall drooping feeling can help you attract more attention.  

For this style, you also can add the table runner to decorate your table.


Fitted table covers

Tailored to the size of the table, polished professional look, perfectly sized for your table with nothing dragging on the floor, fits the edge of whatever size the table is, giving the table a beautiful boxy look that helps people recognize your brand.


Stretch table covers

As featured in high elastic, the stretch table covers can always gain popularity because of their stylish look and exact fit, with four rubber feet to reinforce the cover on the leg, to make the covers clings to the table’s legs very well, giving the table a whole new dimension of awesome.


For fitted table covers and stretch table covers, both of them can do the back open and zipper style, as your temporary invisible locker, to stock items but could not be seen from outside.


2)Hot Fabric

Standard table covers and Fitted table covers

The two table covers are just different in style, but the same in the choice of fabric.

The preferred fabric is wrinkle-proof and flame-retardant 300D.  

If your product display on that day involves food and beverage and so on, and you are worried about getting dirty on the tablecloth, we have the fabric to choose from with waterproof, oil-proof, stain-resistant 300D. 


Stretch table covers

Elastic fabric, the main fabric is 180g and 240g flame-retardant elastic polyester, 180g will be thinner, but the elasticity will be better, 240g will be thicker, and the elastic will be slightly weaker. At present, more customers in the market still prefer to 180g.


3)Requirements for Table Size 

Standard table covers

Your table size is not so strict, the standard size for display table is 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, but if your table size is close to these sizes, you can also use it.

And if you are not sure about your desk, there may be different sizes of tables, but the budget is limited, you can choose convertible table covers, 8ft or 6ft can be adjusted as you wish.


Fitted table covers and Stretch table covers

Both of them are strictly on the size, they are made to the dimension of your table to provide a sleek and fitted look that can dress up your table. So we suggest providing the specific size of your table.


All three of them are welcome for customized size table covers, just need to tell us your table height, width, length, we can provide your customized tablecloth for you.


For more information about the style, details, and fabric choice for the tablecloth, please visit the CFM table cover page. 

Post time: Sep-15-2020

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